your portfolio is a new york based website and printed yearbook that displays creative fashion works about brazilian models managed in exclusive and unpublished editorials.

    This online version features unique editorials and portfolio updates of selected models.

    We receive about 55,000 visitors every month.

    We accept exclusive fashion related photos and unpublished editorial submissions by professional photographers.

    Here is the detailed information for submiting your portfolio:

    1.   Images to be in 100 dpi in RGB.
    2.   Images to be 2400 pixel on the longest side.
      • Iimages outside this standard, can be adjusted and edited.
    3.   Logos are not allowed in the photo.
    4.   Files in jpeg only.
    5.   Inform the model agency or agent.
    6.   Full credit for all clothing and the team.

    You can send your portfolio via email: